Electrical Vehicle Chargers

Your travel shouldn’t cost the earth

We offer a variety of electric vehicle chargers, all of which are approved under the OLEV EVHS Scheme.

Our electric vehicle chargers provide a simple and affordable solution for charging electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles at home or at work. They are safer and can be up to 3 times faster than using a 3-pin plug.

We cover Kent, London, Surrey and East Sussex and can install your electric vehicle charger in just half a day, and if you have solar panels installed you’ll be able to charge your car for free.

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From £775.00

with the OLEV Grant

From £499.00

with the OLEV Grant

From £570.00

with the OLEV Grant

From £599.00

with the OLEV Grant

From £1,199.00 (incl vat)

with the OLEV Grant

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“Had an electric vehicle charger fitted by JPS, FANTASTIC service and the fitting was top knotch. Glad I chose JPS to do the job. Pick up new electric cab in a couple of days and will give it a first charge.”

Clifford Burke, Customer, January 2020

SAVE UP TO £350!

on your Car Charger Installation!

Find out if you qualify for a OLEV grant.

You could save up to £350 from a Government funded Electric Vehicle Car Charger grant providing 75% towards the cost of your electric vehicle home charging point and leaving you with just a small contribution to make.

Contactless EV Charger Survey

To ensure we can safely survey your property we provide a contactless electric vehicle survey for you to complete online.

Step 1

Give us a call about your car charger. We’ll take your name, telephone number and email address.

Step 2

You’ll receive a text message inviting you to complete our online survey.

Step 3

The online survey is a step-by-step questionnaire that will assess your OLEV grant eligibility.

Step 4

We will need you to take photographs of the specifics that we need to survey including the electrics in your home, preferred location of the charger and your suggested cable route from the charger to the charge point location. There are example images along the way so you’ll know exactly what to take photos of.

Step 5

Once completed, we will then review the survey and advise if you require any additional work prior to us being able to install a charger. If we are satisfied we are able to install straight away, we will generate a quote which will be sent to you by email to approve.

Step 6

Once you approve the quote, we will send an application to the DNO directly to install the charger. Once that’s approved, we can go ahead and book in your installation.

Our engineers will then carry out a safe installation, maintaining social distancing measures wherever possible.