We work successfully with businesses across many diverse industries including:

Building Services & Facilities Management

Sprint provide a complete solution to the building services sector and offer technical, product and support services including mechanical and electrical maintenance through to complete project management.  We have successfully undertaken energy efficiency drive programmes on AHU systems showing amazing short term paybacks in the entertainment and leisure industry as well as ,office and retail sectors.

Our services include:

  • AHU Refurbishment
  • Motor / Pump Repairs & Rewinds
  • Vibration Analysis / Drive
  • Alignment
  • Supply, Install and Maintain
  • Inverters
  • Electrical Works
  • Boiler Installation / Servicing
  • PPM’s
  • Coil Replacement & Cleaning
  • Supply, Install and Maintenance of Pressurisation Units & Booster Sets
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Pipe Work Servicing, Supply & Fitting
  • Control Panels Fault Finding
  • Rubber Expansion Joints Installation
  • Air Balancing
  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Duct Cleaning & Modifications
  • Fan Deck Refurbishment
  • Fabrication of New Fan Decks
  • Inline and Blower Fan Repairs
  • Supply, Fit and Dispose of Filters
sprint engineering buidling services and facilities management

Construction and Aggregates

Sprint has extensive experience of working with some of the South East’s biggest construction and aggregate plants and understand how crucial issues like availability, health and safety and energy conservation are to you and your business.

Key issues we can help you deal with include:

  • Continuous production
  • Vibration
  • Wet and dusty environments
  • Extreme temperatures

We understand that heavy loads require the application of very high quality parts that are the most energy efficient products for your process. Vitally, we appreciate the impact these issues have on your MRO requirements.

MRO products we supply for the aggregates industry include:

  • Spherical roller bearings (coated)
  • High performance chains
  • Gearboxes (fitted with IE3 electric motors)
  • Polyurethane synchronous belts
  • Self-aligning bearings
  • Gland packings
  • Heavy duty banded belts
  • Caged ball linear motion
  • Air preparation

Electro Mechanical Overhaul

For 30 years we have serviced the Electro Mechanical Overhaul sector and our level of service and speed of delivery has made Sprint the chosen supply partner of many of the South East rewind companies.

We carry an inventory of over £1 million worth of bearings by the world’s leading manufacturers SKF & FAG, which means we can quote ex-stock on bearings for same day delivery and are able to profile our stocks to reflect applications from traction Motors to special insulated bearings.

Working in partnership with our customers we are able to complete supply chain programs to ensure stock availability and technical help.

We offer:

  • Vendor Managed Stock
  • Consigned Stocks
  • On demand delivery
  • Quality SKF & FAG product (As an authorized distributor)
  • 24 hour availability
  • Competitive pricing
sprint engineering electromechanical overhaul

Food and Beverage

Sprint has extensive experience of working with some of the leading food and drink companies and so we understand the specialist needs of your business and production processes including:

  • Hygiene
  • Waste costs
  • Energy conservation
  • Constant wash-down
  • High sustained speeds and temperatures
  • Continuous production

Massive production increases on a variety of lines throughout different times of the year place a great deal of strain onto your plant. In order to ensure downtime remains minimal during these busy periods you need a supplier who can meet these increased service levels. Sprint can react to production ramp ups, with increased personnel availability and our ordering and stocking systems include transactional history which ensures the parts you need are in stock when you need them.

Governed by extremely rigorous standards and legislation from FDA Approvals, EU regulations and the HSE, means your manufacturing facility has to be clean and safe. In addition, Food Hygiene needs to be prevalent not only to satisfy authorities but to avoid product recalls and to protect the brand that you rely upon.

Sprint supports its many Food and Beverage customers with a range of high quality and specialised MRO FDA approved products. We can also provide project management and engineering and maintenance expertise to provide a truly integrated solution tailored to your specific needs that reduces energy costs and helps you meet sustainability targets.


Sprint are a specialised product, maintenance and integrated solutions provider to customers from all areas of the transport industry including both the vehicles and the infrastructure needed to sustain travel across rail, road, air and water.

Our supply chain and product range are second to none, and our range of specialist products suitable for the transport industry ensure we can meet all your product needs.

Rail Specialists

Our experience in the rail industry means we understand the stringent regulations that are in place and monitored by the Office of Rail Regulation.

From trains to tracks including the London Underground, Sprint can offer one of the most comprehensive range of products available from any single source with quality support for manufacturing and services. As a leading specialist supplier of Rail grade lubricant’s and greases we hold over 100,000 Litres in stock at any one time.

Please view the video below which shows information about rail specific Kluber grades and the benefits of using Kluber lubricants in the following critical areas:- Doors, Air compressor, Rail Flank, Switch Plates, Bogie, Traction Motor, Wheel Flange, Gearbox, Coupling and Brake.

Waste and Recycling

There is an increased pressure on local authorities to meet recycling targets set by the government.

This has resulted in additional pressure on equipment which increases the maintenance and repair costs through more frequent failures. Sprint can lower downtime and maintenance costs through OEM replacement.

OEM’s design and manufacture products to the specification of the customer, however in the interest of keeping the cost of the plant down, parts for the plant will perform to specification but will rarely outperform it. We have extensive experience in this area and understand that almost all machines are asked to do more than they were designed to do; therefore, we replace key components with superior products which will perform above and in some cases beyond the existing components, increasing efficiency and plant uptime.

In addition, Sprint can support all of your maintenance and repair needs with products from leading suppliers. Where these products don’t exist, Sprint will work with you to design and specify bespoke solutions, ensuring that you can keep up with the evolution of your industry.

A large concern for all Waste and Recycling companies is that of Health and Safety, not only for collection employees but also for disposal sites. You can avoid disastrous consequences for your business with not only reliable products but a reliable partner. Sprint supplies a range of products to reduce the risks of such occurrences, as well as ensuring that all products are developed with health and safety in mind.

From product supply to repair or replace and from service centre support to onsite integration, Sprint has the infrastructure and technical expertise to make a difference to your business.

Energy from Waste(EfW) and Power Generation

Power generation is a vital utility and this is now derived from many different sources Gas, coal, waste, wind, bio-fuels etc.

Each power generator have to keep their plant rotating and we actively support the power generation industry. Conditions vary depending source of the power but the end result is the same – RELIABILTY.

We actively work alongside all power generation companies providing:-

  • Lubricants & Greases
  • Turbine & Control Oils
  • Offline & Online filtration
  • Oil analysis
  • Improvement projects
  • Stores Solutions
  • Bearings & Power Transmission Products
  • Hydraulic & Mechanical Repairs
sprint energy from waste and power generation services and products

Docks and Ports

Reliability is key in this market sector. When container ships have docked at the port they need to be offloaded quickly and efficiently in order for the ship to leave port on time and reach it’s next destination.

There are lots of engineering challenges for mechanical parts and lubricants. Adverse weather conditions can affect the service life of equipment that is exposed to the elements.

At Sprint, we can provide products and solutions for these types of applications as well as all of the standard MRO requirements of the port.

sprint docks and ports products and services

Theme Parks

Although much of the maintenance is carried out during the winter months, this work is essential so that the theme park rides remain reliable during the summer and can remain open during the busy periods.

Sprint can utilise our full range of products and services to support the needs of the engineering and projects departments. This may involve simply replacing a worn part or helping to improve the reliability of equipment by introducing innovative products that have been designed and tested for these types of applications. Many rides can involve water and this can create challenges for engineering teams. We can help you with these applications which may include ‘solid-oil’ bearings to water resistant lubricants.

theme parks