On-Site Services

Sprint can be your partner for a variety of on-site services that will encompass both the repair and maintenance of equipment and also maximising the efficiency of your plant and machinery.

Energy Loss Surveys

Sprint’s energy loss services help you to reduce energy costs, quantify energy savings, increase plant efficiency and decrease carbon emissions. We provide a range of services including, full energy loss surveys and air leak surveys.

Our thermography and ultrasonic air leak techniques identify and quantify energy losses from steam heating pipelines, compressed gas systems, refrigeration pipelines, ovens, boilers, hot water systems and buildings.

These non-intrusive surveys advise you exactly where problem areas exist, the annual cost of the energy wastage and the cost of the associated corrective maintenance.

Sprint’s energy loss surveys are a fast, inexpensive method of identifying and targeting big-win energy losses which can provide you with a return-on-investment in weeks.

Condition Monitoring

Sprint work with dedicated teams of reliability engineers skilled in conducting Condition Monitoring techniques including:

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Thermography
  • Ultrasound (Acoustic)
  • Oil Sampling

These techniques help enable us to determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to allow you to conveniently schedule corrective maintenance tasks and prevent unexpected equipment failures.

Taking these preventative measures increases asset availability and life-span, improves plant safety, reduces accidents harmful to the environment and optimises spare parts handling.

The Condition Monitoring analysis results are present with any proposed remedial action as a result of the survey.

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